Saint Hill Churches are the next level above Class V Churches.

The original Saint Hill Church is located in East Grinstead, Sussex, England, where Mr. Hubbard resided from 1959 to 1966. At Saint Hill, Mr. Hubbard made some of his most significant discoveries on the mind and spirit and regularly released these discoveries in daily lectures attended by advanced students of Scientology from around the world. Today, this body of Scientology scripture, known as the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, is the most extensive auditor training course in Scientology and comprises nearly 450 recorded lectures and other written materials. These Churches also minister some of the most advanced levels of auditing.

Advanced Organization and Saint Hill, United Kingdom
Advanced Organization and Saint Hill, United Kingdom

Scientology Advanced Organizations minister advanced services, providing training through Class VIII and auditing through New OT V.

At an Advanced Organization, the individual recovers lost abilities and gains new insights into the nature of his own spirituality, his relationship to others, the material universe and the Eighth Dynamic. Thus it is not surprising to find that an atmosphere of spiritual discovery permeates these Churches. Those who come to an Advanced Organization have studied diligently to reach this point on the Bridge and ascending the OT levels is a significant step. It is here that individuals fully recover true certainty of their own spirituality and become confident of their ability to play and win the game of life—not only today but far into the future.

Advanced Organizations and Saint Hills stand in Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Sydney and Johannesburg.